Jonathan Benson


Having taught at the University of Manchester, King’s College London, and Utrecht University, I have significant teaching experience in the area of political theory. This includes introductory courses which familiarise students with core topics and methods, as well as more advanced modules on applied political theory, democratic theory, the environment, and economic justice.

I also have a strong interest in the benefits and challenges of interdisciplinary education, having taught extensively on political economy programmes and politics, philosophy, and economics (PPE) degrees. I am currently collaborating with colleagues on a new PPE textbook which will offer an integrated approach for student starting to engage in interdisciplinary research.

Below is an overview of the courses I have taught:

University of Manchester

Theoretical Approaches to Political Economy (MA): Major approaches to positive and normative political economy.

Challenges to Democratic Politics (2nd Year UG): Applied political theory (civil disobedience, poverty, health inequality, etc.).

Introduction to Political Theory (1st Year UG): Central concepts in political theory (political obligation, democracy, etc.).

Utrecht University

Knowledge, Ignorance and Democracy (MA): Democratic theory and debates over political knowledge and misinformation.

Ethics and Public Policy (1st Year UG): Ethical theory and its application to public policy.

Economic Ethics (MA): Ethical and political theory and its application to economics and the economy.

PPE Capstone (2nd Year UG): Interdisciplinary research skills and extended project supervision.

PPE Thesis (3rd Year UG): Interdisciplinary research skills and thesis supervision.

King’s College London

Ethics, Economics & Environmental Protection (2nd Year UG): Philosophical, political & economic approaches to environmental problems.

Key Concepts in Contemporary Political Economy (MA): Normative approaches in economics and political economy.

Introduction to Political Theory (1st Year UG): Central concepts in political theory (justice, democracy, rights, etc.).

Contemporary Issues in Political Theory (2nd Year UG): Applied political theory (migration, free speech, abortion, globalisation, etc.).

Dissertation Supervision (3rd Year UG & MA): Supervision of extended research projects in politics, political economy, and PPE.